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A Wunderwald Berlin
Spechtstraße 24a
13505 Berlin


You´ll be driven by Berlin

As a family business we offer exclusive and professional driving services with city and restaurant tours for private, agency and corporate clients as well as public institutions in and around Berlin. Safety, reliability and quality are our top priorities – uncomplicated, imaginative and with Berlin charm. 

A well-rehearsed and highly qualified team accompanies our customers around the clock from planning to the actual tour with a wide range of offers and fulfills individual wishes. And with our state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral fleet of vehicles, from bus limousines to minivans and sedans, we offer the highest level of comfort during tours. 

Our constant effort to offer the best for our guests speaks for itself!

We bear responsibility

Our most important task is to accompany you punctually, safely and relaxed through your tour. In doing so, we act at all times in a serious, trustworthy and prudent manner. At the same time, our vehicle fleet is economical, offers upscale travel comfort and is environmentally friendly.

We drive with passion

Our drivers are experienced, trained and professional. They receive ongoing training and are open to the increased needs of our clients. And they drive with passion. With their personal charisma, a well-groomed appearance and an open-minded service attitude, they ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

We drive in an environmentally friendly way

With a modern fleet of vehicles, we focus on lower fuel consumption, lower pollutant emissions and less driving noise. For example, we use Blue EFFICIENCY technology (sustainability through innovative catalytic converters and drive systems) in our sedans and AdBlue technology (conversion of nitrogen oxides into environmentally friendly nitrogen and water) in our buses. Our buses are renewed every five years, our sedans every 30 months.